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When you’re doing new construction or renovation, you must plan your tech infrastructure even more wisely and with even greater foresight than your physical infrastructure. ITI is uniquely able to ensure you achieve this goal – reliably, cost-effectively, and with the best long-term outcomes for your organization.

You wouldn’t do new construction or a major renovation without a licensed architect. That’s because there are so many technical issues that require a trained professional: how walls bear weight, how plumbing and wiring meet their respective requirements, whether doors meet safety standards for egress. The same holds true for your facility’s digital architecture. You need a skilled, experienced IT architect to ensure that your devices, cabling, cooling, and power supplies all work together efficiently, reliably, and safely – and are all easy to manage, day in and day out. You need the unique expertise of ITI.

ITI ensures that you get the greatest value from your technology budget.

  • Comprehensive assessment of your digital needs
  • Smart design for performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency
  • Reduced cost through better planning and vendor negotiation
  • Real-world know-how that prevents costly errors and overruns
  • Project managers who safeguard quality and keep work on schedule
  • Design for easy manageability and greater flexibility over the long term

John Dalton


ITI founder John Dalton is a leading expert on the integration of digital architecture into physical facilities. He has delivered superior results to hundreds of demanding clients. His uniquely broad understanding of IT systems, network design, budget optimization, business continuity, and project management make him the ideal advisor for any organization seeking to maximize the value achieved by its total technology spend. Leveraging his vast experience and expertise, John has built an unrivaled team of digital professionals who consistently deliver outstanding results for ITI clients. Read more about John here.

Ask yourself:

  • Are all conduits, HVAC, electrical circuits, and plumbing properly laid out so they don’t interfere with your IT infrastructure?
  • Do you have precise design drawings to confirm this – and to give essential guidance to all your contractors?
  • Is the networking for your data, voice, A/V, HVAC, and security all designed to avoid a single point-of-failure?
  • If a pipe burst, would it flood critical components of your IT infrastructure?
  • Is there a way you could substantially improve your organization’s operations without exceeding your budget?
  • Are you building digital security directly into your facility – or are you assuming that you can just add it separately later?
  • Is your space designed for easy ongoing maintenance of your technology infrastructure?

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