From distance learning to advanced in-class audio-visual pedagogy, educators must embrace a wide range of technologies if they are to successfully serve coming generations of tech-native students – and optimally extend their reach to all potential constituencies.

Technology is also central to ensuring the security of your facilities, as well as your ability to respond immediately to any threat – whether it’s violence, illness, or a natural disaster.

These technologies, however, put tremendous stress on your institution’s underlying digital architecture. Are you truly confident that you can support an exponentially growing volume of digital traffic? Will your infrastructure investments today become your operational bottlenecks tomorrow? And how can you best leverage those investments so they support every facet of your mission to deliver knowledge effectively, efficiently, reliably, and securely?


With tax revenues constrained and legislative mandates constantly expanding, government agencies must embrace digital solutions to efficiently deliver services to citizens, businesses, and other agencies. But ad hoc, slapdash approaches to digital transformation can make technology adoption costly, ineffective, and risky.

The smarter, more effective way to build your agency’s digital services portfolio over time is to design & deploy the right digital architecture for your particular needs – both present and projected. That way, you can optimally leverage your agency’s scarce budget dollars to deploy the richest possible portfolio of digital solutions, while also safeguarding the security and reliability of your day-to-day operations.

But who can you turn to when you want to ensure you get maximum “bang for the buck” while complying with mandated technology standards? And how can you deploy new technology in a way that doesn’t create more work for you–instead of less?

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Leveraging digital to keep students and staff safe from all threats

The sad truth is that educators today must be as mindful of threats to the physical safety of students as they are of their learning needs. Fortunately, advances in digital technology can help you fulfill these missional safety requirements.

When it comes to protecting students and staff from violence, for example, digital access controls combined with full-coverage ultra-high definition audio/video surveillance are indispensable. Complement that surveillance with advanced A/V analytics, and you’ll be able to automatically detect anomalous activity that could quickly indicate a potential threat or an event in progress.

Add the necessary capabilities for emergency communications with local first responders, and you can build a complete state-of-the-art real-time threat response system that dramatically improves safety everywhere for everyone across your environment.
Thermal imaging can also be extraordinarily useful for detecting and stopping individuals with communicable illnesses from entering your facility. When combined with video imaging, thermal imaging can also help with the contact tracing that is so important for protecting your entire community.

Are you renovating or moving your facility?

A major change in your agency’s physical environment is often the ideal time to re-design and re-engineer your digital environment. In fact, nowadays the two go hand-in-hand – because you need your network cabling, wireless access points, telecom systems, and digital hardware to integrate seamlessly with your office’s physical layout, electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC, and other features.

Plus, it’s the perfect time to apply allocated budget dollars to the foundation of your agency’s digital future.

If you’re thinking about or actively planning a facilities upgrade, we invite you to click the button below and find out how ITI can help you leverage this opportunity to provide improved digital services at lower long-term cost.

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ITI delivers complete digital solutions for academic institutions, including:

Education Tech

  • Networking and WiFi
  • Distance learning
  • Classroom A/V systems
  • Compute-intensive environments for
    STEM, 3D printing, etc.)

Safety and Security

  • Wireless locks and
    digital access controls for
    classrooms, dorms, etc.
  • First responder alerting
    and communications
  • Video surveillance
  • Thermal imaging

Student Experience

  • Wired campus
  • Student life facilities inc.
    high-def A/V and gaming
  • Digital signage
  • PA systems
  • Digital resources for
    parents and alumni

Cost Control

  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Streamlined management
  • Fault tolerance and
    service continuity
  • Best practices for bidding and implementation

Digital Systems

  • Wired and wireless networking
  • Onsite and cloud-based servers and storage
  • Strategic planning
  • Bid specification, review, and negotiation
  • Supervision of project execution

Facilities Systems

  • “Single pane of glass” management
  • Business continuity
  • Supervision of project execution
  • Operational cost control


  • Digital door locks and access controls
  • Digital signage
  • Video surveillance
  • Mandate reviews and proposals
  • Conformance to inter-agency standards

Budget Optimization

  • Thermal imaging for protection of staff health
  • Video conferencing
  • Vendor performance review and accountability
  • Audits and reporting