Deliver state-of-the-art clinical care while continuously improving staff performance and minimizing risk

Technology is central to excellence in acute care. But state-of-the-art technology requires state-of-the-art technology architecture. Without that architecture, digital devices and services can’t work right all the time every time, That’s why ITI works with your internal IT staff to ensure that you support your clinical and administrative systems with well-planned, expertly implemented digital architecture. The result: superior underlying infrastructure that empowers your staff to make the most of your technology investments day in and day out – and that keeps your total cost of technology ownership under control.

Your facility’s technology requirements are becoming increasingly complex. From patient monitoring and telemedicine to mobile EHR collaboration and pharmacy automation, you must deploy digital solutions wherever they can enhance your operations to ensure optimum care and to track key performance metrics.

Those digital solutions, however, must perform reliably. They must integrate with each other wherever appropriate. They must be secure. They must continue to function even in the event of a power outage, extreme weather, or civil disruption. And they must be fully auditable, so you can satisfy regulators and pinpoint issues before they impact patients at the point of care.

In other words, you need digital architecture – including servers, wired and wireless networking, power supplies, storage, and backup – that meets the unique near- and long-term needs of your institutions, as well the unique physical characteristics of your facilities. You need ITI.

Patient Care

Operational Excellence


Maintain physical security and ensure regulatory compliance with digital access controls

In addition to delivering superior clinical care, you’re also responsible for maintaining the physical security of your facilities. That means ensuring that visitors, patients, contractors, and staff only go where they’re supposed to go – and that you can account for who was where when.

With the right digital access controls – including wireless door lock and cabinet locks – you can manage these facility access privileges with any level of granularity you desire. And with a properly designed access security operations center, you can do so without excessive cost or administrative headaches. The benefits: greater safety, improved compliance, and less stress on your security staff – who need to focus on protecting people, rather than watching every door every minute.

ITI’s expertise in digital facility access controls can help you eliminate the headaches associated with physical safety while also providing you with useful data for improving the efficiency with which you deploy both clinical and non-clinical staff.

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ITI delivers complete digital solutions for acute care, including:

Superior Patient Care

  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Clinical mobility
  • Clinical collaboration
  • Imaging and diagnostics
  • Telemedicine

Operational Excellence

  • Billing and payments
  • Pharmacy automation
  • Fail-safe alert systems
  • KPIs/compliance (outcomes, re-admissions, etc.)

Safety and Security

  • Facility access controls
  • Digital/data security
  • Digital signage and PA systems
  • Systems resiliency

Patient Experience

  • Entertainment and gaming
  • Food services
  • Secure patient tablet
  • Online care portal