Offer a safer, superior living environment while dramatically improving operational efficiency and minimizing risk.

Technology is central to your facility’s value proposition and long-term business prospects. That’s why well-planned, well-executed digital architecture is essential. Great digital architecture optimizes cost/benefit ratios for the lifespan of every technology you deploy – and it ensures your ability to continually improve your offerings in response to ever-changing market dynamics.

From emergency nurse call and automatic fall detection to wander management and in-unit digital assistants, your portfolio of digital capabilities makes your facility uniquely attractive to seniors and their families while keeping your operational costs low and predictable.

But if you’re not careful, your headaches will grow as your technology portfolio grows. You’ll spend more time managing your digital environment than you have to – and outages will be painful to both you and your residents.

Fortunately, you can avoid these headaches, risks, and unexpected costs with smart design and diligent project supervision. Let ITI show you how we’ve made life better at senior facilities just like yours – for owners, for staff, for residents, and for their families.

Quality of Life



Safeguard your brand with state-of-the-art accountability and compliance

You and your staff do your best to ensure the safety and comfort of your residents. But when issues arise, you must be able to prove that you fulfilled your responsibilities. Plus, as the U.S. population grays, senior facilities will come under increased regulatory scrutiny.

ITI understands this critical issue. That’s why we orchestrate your diverse digital assets to create a unified auditable event trail that substantiates your adherence to senior care best practices. Your audit trail demonstrates to auditors that you’re genuinely dedicated to a high standard of care – and that you’re capable of self-correcting any shortcomings in your environment before they impact residents.

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ITI delivers complete digital solutions for senior living, including:

Resident Safety

  • Emergency call systems
  • Fall and health monitoring
  • Location and wander
  • Physical security, video surveillance, digital lock systems, etc.


  • Reliable voice/data network infrastructure
  • Campus-wide wireless connectivity
  • Fail-safe alert systems
  • Video conferencing

A/V Systems

  • In-room entertainment
  • Public area entertainment
  • Digital signage
  • In-room announcements
  • Video conferencing

IT Excellence

  • Unified end-to-end technology management
  • Data security – HIPAA compliance
  • Fault tolerance and service continuity
  • EHR interoperability