Deliver great learning experiences in the classroom and over the Internet – while rigorously ensuring the safety of your students and staff.

Digital technology is central to teaching and learning in the 21st Century. But effective digital education isn’t just about great course content and interactively engaged instructors. It’s also about ensuring that your institution’s underlying digital architecture can consistently support rich multimedia experiences in the classroom and over the Internet. Just as important, today’s educational institutions must fully leverage digital technology to rigorously safeguard the well-being of students and staff across all physical facilities and campus grounds.

An epochal shift is taking place in the world of education. From K-12 through college and postgraduate work, institutions are embracing diverse digital modalities for learning. These modalities empower institutions to reach more students with more customized learning experiences more efficiently than ever. Technology is also helping institutions in competitive markets better differentiate their offerings. Whether it’s a high school giving its students the opportunity to get a head start on developing in-demand coding skills or a college seeking to attract qualified candidates with a high-bandwidth dorm and campus environment, investments in technology are highly strategic.

Expert analysis of your IT architecture needs – along with superior design, planning, and project execution – is thus vital to your success as an institution. That architecture provides the high performance, scalable capacity, and come-what-may reliability you need to get maximum return on your technology investments. Your facility’s digital architecture will also play a key role in creating a learning environment that is safe and secure.

Superior Learning

Cost Control

Safety & Security

Leveraging digital to keep students and staff safe from all threats

The sad truth is that educators today must be as mindful of threats to the physical safety of students as they are of their learning needs. Fortunately, advances in digital technology can help you fulfill these missional safety requirements.

When it comes to protecting students and staff from violence, for example, digital access controls combined with full-coverage ultra-high definition audio/video surveillance are indispensable. Complement that surveillance with advanced A/V analytics, and you’ll be able to automatically detect anomalous activity that could quickly indicate a potential threat or an event in progress.

Add the necessary capabilities for emergency communications with local first responders, and you can build a complete state-of-the-art real-time threat response system that dramatically improves safety everywhere for everyone across your environment.
Thermal imaging can also be extraordinarily useful for detecting and stopping individuals with communicable illnesses from entering your facility. When combined with video imaging, thermal imaging can also help with the contact tracing that is so important for protecting your entire community.

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ITI delivers complete digital solutions for academic institutions, including:

Education Tech

  • Networking and WiFi
  • Distance learning
  • Classroom A/V systems
  • Compute-intensive environments for
    STEM, 3D printing, etc.)

Safety and Security

  • Wireless locks and
    digital access controls for
    classrooms, dorms, etc.
  • First responder alerting
    and communications
  • Video surveillance
  • Thermal imaging

Student Experience

  • Wired campus
  • Student life facilities inc.
    high-def A/V and gaming
  • Digital signage
  • PA systems
  • Digital resources for
    parents and alumni

Cost Control

  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Streamlined management
  • Fault tolerance and
    service continuity
  • Best practices for bidding and implementation