Leverage technology to build a larger, more engaged spiritual community

Digital technology touches everyone’s life in every way imaginable – how we socialize, what we read, what we listen to, how we manage our finances. So it’s no wonder that religious leaders are embracing technology as a means of growing and enriching the communities they serve.

Houses of worship can effectively leverage digital technology in many effective ways. They can enrich their congregation’s on-site worship experience with powerful multimedia capabilities. They can reach into people’s homes with real-time videoconferencing and video archives. They can make it easier for congregants to share resources, help those in need, and contribute to the ministry.

Multimedia is especially important for engaging with youth and young adults – because they have become developmentally conditioned to understand their world through multimedia. So if you don’t adapt to this generational shift in cognition, you may be putting the very future of your congregation in jeopardy.

But to most effectively and efficiently embrace technology, it’s essential to plan, design, and build the right digital architecture. The right architecture ensures that every digital technology you deploy functions optimally, reliably, and at the lowest cost. Well-designed digital architecture also gives you the greatest flexibility to add and upgrade technologies over the years as dictated by your congregation’s needs and your budget.

No one is more experienced and better qualified to address the digital challenges faced by houses of worship than ITI. We’re not just experts in technology. We understand the unique goals and issues faced by religious communities – and we’ve proven time and again that we can fulfill those goals and address those issues with sensitivity, integrity, and grace.

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Protect your flock with state-of-the-art digital security solutions

In addition to guiding your congregation along a solid spiritual path, you’re also responsible for their health and safety. Unfortunately, that responsibility has become more burdensome than ever – because threats of violence, disease, and natural disaster are increasing wherever the faithful are gathered together.

To help you meet this profound responsibility, ITI offers a full portfolio of digital safety solutions specifically designed for houses of worship. These solutions include digital locks and access controls, video surveillance, thermal imaging (to detect potentially contagious individuals), and emergency communications / alerting systems for local first responders.

We invite you to discuss your concerns with us by simply clicking the button below. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss newly available technologies with a solutions specialist and discover the options available to you for creating the safest possible environment for your congregation.

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ITI delivers complete digital solutions for senior living, including:

Community Experience

  • Multimedia A/V systems
  • Online/interactive resources
  • Building/campus WiFi
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital signage

Safety & Security

  • Digital locks and access controls
  • Video surveillance
  • Thermal imaging
  • 911/First responder alerting/communications

Digital Excellence

  • Network and systems infrastructure
  • Reliability & continuity
  • Simplified IT management
  • New construction design